Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yesterday's Eats

After my run yesterday, I came home and made a delicious lunch. I had a Vegan Burger (80cal, 1pt) with a Light String Cheese from TJ's (60cal,1pt) on an Ezekiel Pita Pocket (100cal, 1pt) and sprouts, tomatoes and my new mustard I bought at Mother's.

This stuff is great. 2tsp for 10cal. It has just enough kick without being too hot.

Alongside my wrap I had asparagus, brussel sprouts and broccoli.

Dinner was a bean and cheese quesadilla. I used a Low Carb La Tortilla tortilla (80cal, 1pt) and added provolone (50cal, 1pt) and 1/4 cup Rosarita Vegetarian Refried Beans (60cal, 1pt).

I also had a beautiful salad.

Look how pretty all the colors are!

It had mixed greens, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, yellow peppers, snap peas and wilted spinach. I added 14g blue cheese (50cal,1pt) and 2tbsp Balsamic (20cal, 0pt).

Dessert was a pudding bowl. Banana (~90cal,1pt), Kozy Shack No Sugar Added Tapioca (70cal,1pt), Kozy Shack No Sugar Added Chocolate Pudding (60cal, 1pt) a Vitamuffin (100cal,1pt) 16g Better N' PB (50cal 1pt) Reddi Whip (15cal, 0pt) and cinnamon. Yes, it was a huge dessert, but I did just run 12miles :)

Have a great Monday.

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