Thursday, June 10, 2010

Live and Learn

There are certain things in life that have to be learned.

I have learned to always wear sunscreen no matter how short or long you think your run will be. These beauties are the blisters that have shown up all over my shoulders and back after my 12miler on Sunday. My dermatologist will not be happy with me.

Sorry for the poor quality photo. I am using Jeff's camera phone to take pictures which leads me to my next life lesson.

I have learned that it is not wise to charge your cell phone next to the kitchen sink. Inevitably it will be dropped into a sink full of soapy water. Not only that, but people at Sprint have learned that people will lie and state they have no idea why their phone stopped working. They now have ways to test for water damage. When this happens, you get the basic phone that doesn't take pictures because your husband won't spend another $100 for you to drop it in the sink again. Lesson learned.
Another lesson I learned this week? After dropping your camera, don't try to "fix" the stuck lens with your scissors. Not only will this not work, but if it does, your lens will be very scratched.

One lesson I did learn was to stick to what you like for dinner. Tonight was a bean and cheese quesadilla with a giant salad. I will save you the "scratchy" pictures because it is the same as my dinner a few nights ago.
I am going to go and try to "talk" my husband into a new phone and camera. I have been married long enough to have learned that special "talk" leads to getting what you want.

Edited to add: I also just learned that when your four year old asks you "what pee tastes like?" RUN to the bathroom!

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  1. I recently learned that camera/scissor lesson too! It didn't work out so well for me either...

    Luckily I haven't had to deal with the pee lesson (yet) :)