Monday, June 21, 2010

Manic Monday Morning

It has been a crazy morning...It's already 1pm and I have not had lunch or a snack. I just wanted to share with you a few pictures from our Father's Day. Last night my Dad came over. He lives in San Diego and they stopped by on their way home from a party up north. Ryan and the kids adore their Grandpa Kim and Grandma Ruth.
We all went out to dinner to my favorite Mexican Restaurant, Caliente. I had chips, guacamole, a HUGE veggie burrito and sweet corn cake (the best). I polished it all off. We walked down to get ice cream cones afterwards. I ate mine and some of Conner's. At this point I am stuffed, but my dad brought carrot cake so I had a big piece of that too. Not the finest weekend for eating. Oh well, back to the grind today.

After dinner we came back and did Wii dance. I had to work off some of the food I just consumed. Ryan and I showed the boys how it is done. This has to be the worst picture of me ever, but it does clearly demonstrate how serious I am when I am competing with my 6yr old daughter. I show no mercy :)

I went to bed in a food coma last night. When I got up this morning I just wanted oats.

I had 36g of Rye (110cal, 1pt), 20g of Steel Cut Oats (75cal,1pt), 1/4 cup Almond Milk (10cal) and then I added 113g of Fage 0% for some protein (60cal, 1pt). I drizzled it all with some SF syrup (10cal) and cinnamon. It was quite good.
I went to the gym and did sprint repeats. I ended up doing 6.25miles on the treadmill and went to pilates.
I just got home, started a load of laundry and decided to write this quickly. I am starving, but it is just going to have to wait. I have to pick up Ryan in 10min at school. Last week of school!
I will be back with pictures of whatever I decide on for lunch. Have a good afternoon!

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