Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Jake!

To celebrate Jake's 10th Birthday today, I stayed up all night and made this cute Nintendo cake. OK, I didn't, but I did make this fancy donut cake for his "Donut's with Dad" party at school today. Complete with candles and organic oranges so that I don't feel so bad about sending a plate of sugar to a classroom full of 3rd graders.
10 years ago today I was still in labor. Technically I think Jake was born about 3pm. I actually was induced on a Wednesday morning and had him on a Friday afternoon. 52hrs of labor, 3hrs of pushing, 9lbs 2oz of baby (all head) no wonder I have some mental problems. Something had to be affected from that much trauma. I will spare you the birth photo. Jake's head was squished, my face was black and blue and I certainly did not have that motherly glow.

Here he is at 6mos. You can still get a sense of the size of his head. He is finally growing into it at age 10. He was a very cute baby though. Out of all three kids he was the easiest, happiest, sweetest baby.
Now my baby is entering the double digit years. This is him this morning. Already he is giving my the surly teenager look.

Maybe he is upset because he didn't get the Nintendo cake, but he should be pretty happy when he opens the Nintendo DS we bought him. Happy Birthday Jakey!

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