Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Edamame Ice Pack

Yesterday I decided to take advantage of Jeff being home and decided to go for an outdoor run. I know that I can wait until Jeff gets home from work to run outdoors, but by that time I am tired so I prefer my morning workouts. I ended up running 9.7miles. The "June gloom" has hit our area so it stays overcast until noon now. Perfect running weather. When I got home I made sure to ice my legs. While I was training for a full marathon after an 18mile run I started to get pain in my leg from my ankle to my knee. I had an x-ray and although nothing showed up, they said it could have been a stress fracture. Needless to say, I did not run that marathon. Now my leg is starting to hurt again in the same place, so I am really trying to take care of it. That is where my frozen veggies and fruit come in. I stretched, iced, then made lunch.

An Ezekiel Pita Pocket with tomatoes and melted provolone.

I cooked some fresh broccoli and brussel sprouts to go with it. I was watching the news while stretching and I saw a story about how broccoli and brussel sprouts are two of the foods people dislike the most. Not this girl. I could eat them all day long.

Dinner was not new.

A whole-wheat tortilla, string cheese and sweet potato.

With a huge salad. This time I added some artichoke hearts to it. Very, very good.

I really wish that this picture had turned out. Conner completely passed out reading his book last night. He is fast asleep in this picture. Conner goes and goes all day and then crashes.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! I have plans for a noon strength class at the gym and then laundry. Fun, fun.

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