Sunday, May 30, 2010

A beautiful day!

The weather today is absolutely amazing. It is warm, there is a light breeze and the birds are chirping.

Today's plans of sleeping in were foiled when Ryan work up at 4:30 with a tummy ache. At least I went to bed at 7pm last night, so I did get my rest.

After breakfast we decided to make use of our extra time and made a Trader Joe's run.
Only 2 bags this time, so I did good. (yes, I forgot my reusable bag)

Everything is mine except for the cheese enchiladas. My family loves them and I love the fact that I don't have to cook.
We came home, unpacked our loot and then headed to the gym. Ryan was complaining about her tummy again, so I warned them at Kid's Club and decided to run until they told me I needed to come and get her. I got my full 7.5miles in with hills and speed work. It kicked my butt.

Here is my sweaty, "I'm hardcore", post workout shot. I was still drenched and this was about 20min after coming home. I need to say here, that my bathroom mirror is not this dirty. It must be the lighting. I am meticulous about cleanliness. Really, I am. I do have OCD, remember?
Another great part of today?

Going to grandmas!
When Jeff's mom came to pick up Ryan and Conner, she thought Ryan had a fever. I told Ryan to stay home, she cried, grandma took her anyway. I am praying that she will feel better and not be sick. I loaded them up with Tylenol and told her she could come home if she doesn't feel better tonight.
I just made a lovely lunch of snow peas with broccoli and brussel sprouts.

Also a La Tortilla quesadilla made with my TJ purchase.

With another TJ purchase on the side.

I am off to read on the couch. I have no idea when Jeff and Jake are coming home from camping, but I am going to enjoy listening to the birds chirp and nothing else.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Grumpy girl

I am a grump. 100% grump. I had big plans to sleep in today so I stayed up really late last night. Jeff and Jake were leaving to go camping at 5:45am and my mom had Ryan and Conner so I was going to sleep the morning away. It didn't happen. I was up at 5:30 and could not get back to sleep. To make matters worse, my class at the gym didn't start until 10:30 so I spent the morning bored, debating whether or not to even go. I ended up going and I am glad I did. It was hard today and incredibly hot and humid in the gym. I think that I am the only person who enjoys sweating profusely. I leave the gym stinky, sweaty and feeling hard-core. I know that I probably sweat on the people next to me at the treadmill, but my philosophy is if you are not sweating, you are not working hard enough.
After the gym I drove to my mom's to pick up Ryan and Conner. Unfortunately, my car is not working right now. I am not sure what is wrong, but we haven't had time to take it in. Therefore I am driving my father-in-law's little car. I am terrified driving it because it is really, really old, and it is really, really little.

I picked up the kids and feel like I spent the entire day snapping and yelling at them. To take away some of my guilt I took them to Rite Aid for ice cream cones. This was my bright spot in the day. I love chocolate chip cookie dough Rite Aid ice cream. I got one scoop on a cone even though I really wanted a triple.

We got our cones and all yelling was forgotten.

I just gave the kids a bath and decided to feed them cereal for dinner. It's Saturday, right!

I also just realized my phone is not charging and my charger seems to not like me. At least when I go to bed with the kids at 7:00 tonight, no one can call and bother me.
Hopefully a good night sleep will take care of this foul mood. If not, another ice cream cone might be in order for tomorrow.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Class of 2010

It's official. Conner has received his first diploma (and hopefully not his last).
My youngest is a preschool graduate!

It was such a cute afternoon. Caps, gowns, cookies, the works.

They had a short ceremony. They called each child's name and said what their favorite color was (Conner had 4), favorite food (supposedly turkey), and what they wanted to be when they grew up (a surveyor like his dad).

We then had a potluck lunch. I chose to wait until I got home to eat my lunch. I tend to go overboard with potlucks, so it is best for me to not even start.

Jeff and I gave him every graduate's dream gift of hotwheel cars and toy dinosaurs.

I will have all three of my children in school next year!

Rest Guilt

Hi all. It has been a crazy week. Open house night at Ryan's school, Conner's last week of preschool, Jake getting ready for Cub Scout camping, etc. Of course my children have a way busier social schedule than I do.
Here are a few of the last few day's meals, but they are really nothing new. A huge bowl of oatmeal with a copious amount of cinnamon- I really need to start buying bigger jars of cinnamon. A provolone quesadilla with egg white egg salad and brussel sprouts and broccoli.

A couple of giant salads with blue cheese.

And of course a pudding bowl with a Vitamuffin and Better N' Peanut Butter.
I have decided to take today as a rest day. I usually run on Fridays but I am so tired that I think I need a break. I am going to run on Sunday which is my usual rest day. I just wish I didn't have such a difficult time with rest days. I really know that I need to listen to my body, but I feel so guilty when I don't workout. I also know that it is not necessary to work out six days a week and that rest is just as important as exercise, but it still doesn't make me feel less guilty. I also seem to feel that I need a really hard workout every time. I can't just go for a 5mile run, I feel the need to do intervals and sprints and hills. I just don't know how to get over this "hard or nothing" mentality. I also know that it is better to have a really great workout and a rest day, than two so-so days. By Saturday my body is usually so tired that my Saturday class is a struggle to get through. So long story short, I am going to rest today and see how I feel tomorrow. I just don't know how to get over this "rest guilt". Any ideas? How many days a week do you rest?

One more thing. I would like to introduce you to our new graduate. Conner is officially graduating from preschool today. Cap and gown pictures to come!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weighing your food

Meet my most used kitchen item. I did not personally buy this scale. I told my Grandma I wanted one for Christmas and she thought I like The Biggest Loser, so she bought me a Biggest Loser food scale. It works, so I don't care, but I really don't like The Biggest Loser.

I weigh ALL my food. The reason is that it seems that a slice of cheese or a piece of bread often weighs much more than the serving size states. That is why when I write out what I ate, it always says the grams or ounces, not a slice, or a piece. This is why.

My first example is this piece of provolone.

A serving size on the package is one slice/21grams. Obviously, this slice is more than 21g. The funny thing is there is actually a piece missing, so a slice could add up to 26g. I know you are saying this is not a big deal, but if you are doing Weight Watchers (or even counting calories) this will push your WWpt up from 1 to 2pts.

I always "trim" pieces off so that I can stay within the serving size. At the end of the bag I usually have enough trimmings to add up to another full slice.

Another example are Ezekiel Tortillas. A serving size is 57g. Most people would assume that one tortilla would be a single serving. Wrong.

This tortilla is 63grams.

You have to take off almost a quarter of the tortilla to equal out to the serving size on the bag.

Conversely, some things actually weigh less than the serving on the package. Bread is notorious for this. Obviously, not all slices are going to weigh the same. This slice is only 35g and a serving is 42g.
This excites me because I can add a few more pieces for nibbling.

I know this might seem really obsessive (hey, I do have OCD), but every thing adds up and I really like to know how many calories I consume a day. Not just for weight loss, but to make certain I don't go to low.
Lastly, I always weigh my oats. 1/2 cup does not equal what the container states a serving is. It is such a habit now, that I don't even think about it. I even put my dessert on my scale and measure out my whip cream.

Just make sure that you always have extra batteries on hand. Jeff had to go to CVS one night just so I could weigh my oats for the morning. Oh the joys of living with an obsessive-compulsive!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Great Monday

Yesterday was a great day. I had a great run at the gym (maybe all that food from Saturday helped), I got all my errands and chores done and was still in bed by 9:00.

Breakfast yesterday was the usual, so I decided to not bore you with another picture of oatmeal and toast. Just know it was good. After breakfast I headed to the gym and did speed work. I alternated 1/2 mile at 7.0 1% incline with 1.2 mile at 8.3 1%. I did 6.35 miles in 48min. I only have about 45min to run on Mondays before my pilates class starts. I did pilates, ran home, grabbed a Fiber One Yogurt and some Fiber Cereal from TJ's (both opt) and went to pick up Conner.

Lunch was my new favorite combo. I had a Light Flat-Out Wrap (90cal,1pt) with a melted piece of TJ's Light String Cheese (60cal, 1pt) and a Tbsp Polaner (10cal, opt). I have a Weight Watchers Calculator and when you enter in the calories, fiber and fat content of an item, it tells you how many points. Well, the Polaner is 10cal with 3grams of Fiber. When you enter it in the calculator it comes out a -0pts. Not sure what "-0" means, but maybe it will negate some of the damage I did Saturday :). Along side my wrap I had broccoli, brussels and snap peas. Trader Joe's sells a bag of microwavable snap peas and I love them. I just microwave them and put them in a Tupperware container to eat throughout the week.

Dinner was an Ezekiel Wrap (150cal, 2pt) with 40z sweet potato (103cal, 1pt) and a Light Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb Wedge (35cal, 1pt).

Of course I had a giant salad too.
  • mixed greens
  • carrots
  • cucumber
  • snap peas
  • tomatoes
  • sprouts
  • mushrooms
  • 14g Blue Cheese (50cal,1pt)
  • 2tbs Whole Foods Balsamic (20cal,opt)

Dessert was the best. I usually try to eat 20pts a day. Sometimes less, but usually 20. After dinner I was only at 10pts for the day so I made a great dessert.

Vitamuffin (100cal,1pt), 16g Better N' Peanut Butter (50cal,1pt), Kozy Shack Tapioca (70cal,1pt), Kozy Shack Chocolate Pudding (60cal, opt), a small banana (~80cal, 1pt) and Reddi Wip (15cal, opt). It was delicious. I always have dessert. I look forward to it every day and I figure as long as I incorporate it into my points and calories, it is just fine.
My point total and calories were a little low yesterday, but since I had an indulgent weekend, it averages out.
I am going to go have breakfast now and head to my favorite strength training class.
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Way too Indulgent

I had a very indulgent Saturday. I tend to make Saturdays my "cheat days" meaning I eat what I want. The problem is my "all or nothing" attitude. I have found that I start eating and can't stop. I am wondering if I am restricting too much during the week, but whatever the reason, it needs to stop. I think that I get the idea in my head that I won't get to eat like this for another week, so I should really live it up, the problem is that I usually get an upset stomach and I feel really guilty afterward. I then restrict my calories on Sunday and Monday to make up for my Saturday Binge. I know it is not good, and I will work on this.

My Saturday started out on the right track. I had my oatmeal and toast with Better N' PB combo for breakfast. I then headed to the gym for a CORE class. It is a 45min strength and cardio class, followed by 15min of abs. This one was a tough one and my arms are still sore.

When I got home from the gym I was starving so I had a piece of Whole Wheat Bread. My mom offered to take the kids to the zoo, so Jeff and I decided to try a restaurant near us.
It was so good. I wish I had a picture of the burrito I ate. Here is the description.
Texas Veggie Burrito- fire roasted zuchini, pico de gallo, cheese, lettuce, tomato, rice, vegeterian beans with avocado in a cilatro tortilla and salsa quemada.

It was a big burrito, but I ate it all. I also had some sweet corn cake and some chips and salsa.

After lunch Jeff and I decided to go down to Laguna Beach and enjoy the weather. It was so nice to be able to walk and talk without the kids and a stroller.

This is the view from our car. It was so pretty I made Jeff use his camera phone to take a picture. I love Laguna because of all the hills. Jeff and I walked probably close to two miles. Then I saw this place.

We decided to get drinks on the patio. I had a glass of wine and a really delicious dessert. It was chocolate mouse (almost like frosting) with strawberries in a chocolate covered crepe bowl. It was served with icecream and the most delicious shortbread cookie. I once again devoured it. At least I walked first, right?
We met my mom and the kids at church and then headed to Marie Callender's. At this point I have consumed more calories then I usually eat in three days.
I still ate tons of cornbread, a salad, some of Conner's macaroni and a piece of garlic bread.

How can you resist this deliciousness? (not my pic)

Then we got dessert (yes, I had two in one day, once again not my pic). If you have never had their chocolate muffin, you must try it. I devoured it with some of Conner's whip cream and icecream. By this time my stomach was aching.
I spent all day yesterday feeling guilty about what I ate on Saturday. I really need to remember this when next weekend rolls around. I can still splurge, but I need to not binge. I guess it is a learning process, but I don't want all of my good choices in the week to be ruined by one indulgent day.
I am going to try to use this as a learning experience. There is nothing I can do about it now but move on.

It's a new week and I am ready for it!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Being Thankful

I was talking to my dad today about a person we know who had Lou Gehrig's Disease. It really made me stop and think. I spend so much time worrying, complaining and always rushing, yet I have so much to be grateful for. I have healthy children, I have a wonderful husband (that I completely do not deserve), and I can move and run and be active. I look at working out as a chore, I let myself get overwhelmed with "to dos" and errands and money. I need to stop and be grateful for how much I have. There are so many people who would be so happy to be able to pick up their children or go for a run or bike ride on a beautiful day. It's time for me to stop always wanting more and to be happy with what I have. I am truly blessed. God always provides and I have more than enough.

My New Favorite Food

So I will start this post by apologizing for another repeat breakfast. WW toast with Better N' PB and Polaner (the stats are in previous posts).
You will probably be seeing this breakfast for a long time. I go to bed looking forward to it each night, so it definitely will be around for awhile.
I went to the gym today even though I was not feeling it. I really felt "blah", but I told myself just to get on the treadmill anyway. I was thinking about just staying at the same speed, but decided to try intervals. During each one I told myself that this was going to be the last, but after my 1/2 mile jog recovery I would decided to try one more time. I ended up doing 7.5 miles of speed work and hills. I felt great afterwards. Sometimes I think to myself that since I have already gone so far, why not just finish my workout. That usually is what keeps me going.
Lunch today was new for me (what, no sweet potato or egg salad?). I had a flat-out wrap (90cal, 1pt), with a Laughing Cow Swiss Wedge (35cal, 1pt) and a Tbsp Strawberry Polaner (10cal, opt). It was so good. The sweet of the jam mixed with the swiss was delicious.

Of course I had my broccoli and brussel sprouts too.

I know the combo of the wrap and veggies don't really go together, but I needed something more to eat.

Let me introduce you to my new favorite tortillas.

I bought these at TJ's because I like the fact that they have protein. I always tend to lean towards the lowest calorie items (or lowest pt items), but these are only 50 calories more than my usual ones and the ingredient list is much better.

(sorry about the blurry pic)
They are 2wwpt in case you are doing the plan, and are delicious. I tried the sprouted bread once and was not a fan, but I really like these. My unpictured dinner last night was sweet potato and melted string cheese in one. So good. If you haven't tried them, please do.

I am off to soccer practice (Jake) then do a playdate pick up (Ryan). Have a fantastic Friday night!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Find

I got this delicious Eggplant Hummus from TJ's. It is VERY garlicky, but good. I used it to create my lunch yesterday. I was starving after getting home from our play date, so I threw 14g Hummus (~20cal, opt) on a Flat-out wrap (90cal, 1pt) with a Laughing Cow Swiss Wedge (35cal, 1pt). I added tomatoes, romaine, carrots and sprouts. It was good a filling.
Alongside my wrap I had cooked snap peas, broccoli and brussel sprouts.

Here is half of my dinner. I made a huge salad with mixed greens, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli and snap peas. I added 14g of blue cheese (50cal, 1pt) and Whole Foods Balsamic (20cal, opt). I forgot how good blue cheese can be. It really made the salad flavorful and a little bit goes a long way.

The un-pictured half of dinner was another Flat-out wrap with 4oz of sweet potato (103cal, 1pt)and a light string cheese (60cal, 1pt). I melted it all together and added a tbsp of sugar free syrup (15cal, opt). I was really good.
I ended up making a pudding bowl for dessert while watching The Middle. We love that show. Maybe because I can relate to having three kids, but it always makes me laugh.
I just came from Mother's Market, Ralph's and Trader Joe's. I am going to do a noon strength training class, so I better get a snack. So glad that tomorrow is Friday! Have a great rest of the day.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A New Ingredient

I have added a new ingredient to my current favorite breakfast. I was at Target yesterday and I saw this jar of Polaner. It is sugar free and has fiber. Yes, I know that it just means it has fake sweeteners, but since I drink Diet Coke by the case, I am just fine with fake sweeteners. I really don't need the added fiber since I eat so much now, but it is a nice touch. The ingredient list is a little sketchy, but I figure 10 calories of sketchy ingredients won't kill me. Here are the nutritional stats:
It tasted great and spread well. Usually my fake jams don't spread well, but I liked this. I added it to my Whole Wheat toast (90cal, 1pt) and 16g Better N' PB spread from TJ's (50cal, 1pt).

Along side it I had another boring bowl of oats (Not to me, but you can only look at pictures of oatmeal for so long). 36g Rye (110cal, 1pt), 20g of TJ's Steel Cut Oats (75cal, 1pt), 1/4 Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (10cal, opt) and Cinnamon.

I headed to the gym after dropping Conner off at school. I wasn't really feeling a workout, but I ended up alternating sprint and hill repeats for a nice 7.7mile run in 63min. I have a confession to make. I blame this on my OCD, but I always have to go over my intended mileage in order to feel like I got my full run in. Example being the 7.7 miles above. In my exercise journal I wrote down 7.5miles in 60min. I always go over at least 2min in my run and .20 miles. For some reason I feel like I "have to" do this in order to get my full intended mileage. I know it is neurotic, but it is just one of the many neurosis I have.

I went home from the gym, took a quick shower and was off to get Conner. I ate a Kozy Shack No Sugar Added Chocolate Pudding (60cal, opt) with 15g of Reddi Wip (15cal, opt) and 1/3 cup TJ's High Fiber Cereal (40cal, opt) in the car on the way.

This is my food and exercise journal. I write down everything I eat. It is hard to read, but I write down calories and ww pt. Any veggies and fruits that are opt I write in the bottom left corner and any opt foods that are not veggies and fruit go in the right corner. I do this not only to "count" calories, but to make sure I eat enough. I don't want to come in too low or my body gets really tired. I am POSITIVE this feeds my compulsions, but I figure there could be worse ones to have. It helps me to also see what nutrients I might be missing from my diet.
I am off to pick up the other children and have a play date at the park. See you tonight!