Sunday, May 2, 2010

Going to Grandma's

Last night we got to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house for our Auntie Kristen and soon to be Uncle Mike's bridal shower. They had a co-ed casino party and since we did not have a babysitter, Ryan, Jake and Conner got to come. Everyone loves going to Grandma's. When we got there, Jeff and I mingled with the adults while the kids got to go into the back room and play on the computer. I don't let them on the computer very much at home, so when they get to play it is a big treat.

Future Uncle Mike and Auntie Kristen (Jeff's sister). Jeff and I actually met through Kristen. She was my roommate in our Sorority house. Some good times were had in those days (some I would rather forget).
Dinner was a chicken casserole with rolls and salad. Since I don't eat meat I think I consumed 3-4 rolls with butter (so good) and lots of Mandarin salad. I will tell you, last night was quite a binge. I seem to have a hard time when I start drinking as far as knowing when to stop eating. Oh well. You only live once. I never eat white rolls and real butter so these babies were definately a highlight.

This punch is why I lost control of my eating. It had vodka, peach schnapps and juice. SOOO good. You couldn't taste the alcohol so you just kept drinking. Remember "jungle juice" in college..same thing here.

The kids stayed in the bedroom most of the night, but they did get to come out and visit with Grandma Chris. They love their Grandma. As you can see, Jake was no where to be seen. I think he didn't leave the computer once the entire evening.

Conner and Uncle Mike

At this point in the night I had consumed my body weight it Chex Mix, wine, punch and rolls. But I definitely had room for the beauty on the counter behind me.

A chocolate fountain!

with cream puffs..

marshmellows, pretzels, brownies, strawberries, rice crispy treats and angel food cake. I ate until I was sick. I also consumed 2 huge slices of carrot cake. Not my finest food night. Some girls take their clothes off when they are drunk (ok, maybe in my sorority days), but I just keep eating.

Notice how the pictures are getting was my vision.

Conner enjoyed the fountain.

Ryan didn't waste any. None on her face, all in her mouth.

The sugar kicked in, then resulted in a crash.

On the way home I needed a diet coke. I might have had some fries from Del Taco too. I am still dealing with a tummy ache, but it was a fun night. Here's to many happy years Auntie Kristen and Uncle Mike.

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  1. Chocolate fountain!?!?! SO JEALOUS. I would not have been able to control myself whatsoever around that. So delicious!