Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Find

I got this delicious Eggplant Hummus from TJ's. It is VERY garlicky, but good. I used it to create my lunch yesterday. I was starving after getting home from our play date, so I threw 14g Hummus (~20cal, opt) on a Flat-out wrap (90cal, 1pt) with a Laughing Cow Swiss Wedge (35cal, 1pt). I added tomatoes, romaine, carrots and sprouts. It was good a filling.
Alongside my wrap I had cooked snap peas, broccoli and brussel sprouts.

Here is half of my dinner. I made a huge salad with mixed greens, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli and snap peas. I added 14g of blue cheese (50cal, 1pt) and Whole Foods Balsamic (20cal, opt). I forgot how good blue cheese can be. It really made the salad flavorful and a little bit goes a long way.

The un-pictured half of dinner was another Flat-out wrap with 4oz of sweet potato (103cal, 1pt)and a light string cheese (60cal, 1pt). I melted it all together and added a tbsp of sugar free syrup (15cal, opt). I was really good.
I ended up making a pudding bowl for dessert while watching The Middle. We love that show. Maybe because I can relate to having three kids, but it always makes me laugh.
I just came from Mother's Market, Ralph's and Trader Joe's. I am going to do a noon strength training class, so I better get a snack. So glad that tomorrow is Friday! Have a great rest of the day.


  1. Blue cheese is good but I prefer goat cheese. Especially herbed goat cheese! Yum! Great addition to every salad.

  2. I loooove blue cheese. You are so right - a little bit goes a long way. I feel that way about feta too. <3

  3. No way; I think I dreamed about TJs making a hummus like this last night. I hope it comes to stores near me (I love garlic too)