Sunday, May 30, 2010

A beautiful day!

The weather today is absolutely amazing. It is warm, there is a light breeze and the birds are chirping.

Today's plans of sleeping in were foiled when Ryan work up at 4:30 with a tummy ache. At least I went to bed at 7pm last night, so I did get my rest.

After breakfast we decided to make use of our extra time and made a Trader Joe's run.
Only 2 bags this time, so I did good. (yes, I forgot my reusable bag)

Everything is mine except for the cheese enchiladas. My family loves them and I love the fact that I don't have to cook.
We came home, unpacked our loot and then headed to the gym. Ryan was complaining about her tummy again, so I warned them at Kid's Club and decided to run until they told me I needed to come and get her. I got my full 7.5miles in with hills and speed work. It kicked my butt.

Here is my sweaty, "I'm hardcore", post workout shot. I was still drenched and this was about 20min after coming home. I need to say here, that my bathroom mirror is not this dirty. It must be the lighting. I am meticulous about cleanliness. Really, I am. I do have OCD, remember?
Another great part of today?

Going to grandmas!
When Jeff's mom came to pick up Ryan and Conner, she thought Ryan had a fever. I told Ryan to stay home, she cried, grandma took her anyway. I am praying that she will feel better and not be sick. I loaded them up with Tylenol and told her she could come home if she doesn't feel better tonight.
I just made a lovely lunch of snow peas with broccoli and brussel sprouts.

Also a La Tortilla quesadilla made with my TJ purchase.

With another TJ purchase on the side.

I am off to read on the couch. I have no idea when Jeff and Jake are coming home from camping, but I am going to enjoy listening to the birds chirp and nothing else.


  1. It is a beautiful day in So. Cal today! Nothing like a trip to TJ's to make it a perfect Sunday. :)

  2. I love coming home after a successful TJ's shopping trip! :)