Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Facts about Me

The title sounds so egocentric, but I figure I would share a little more about myself since I have had the same meals the past two days and figured it would make for boring pictures. I guess fun fact #1 would be that I am a creature of habit and could eat the same meals for months.

As you know I have three children. Jake is 10, Ryan is 6 and Conner is 4. I had my children very young. I had Jake when I was 20, Ryan at 24 and Conner at 25. I actually graduated college when Ryan was 4 months old. I think that fact that I have been pregnant twice during finals helped get me better grades in my classes. I have my degree in Criminal Justice, but at this time I am staying home with my kids. I would like to go to grad school, but am perfectly happy with the title "educated housewife".

I have been married 10 years. Yes, I was expecting at my wedding, but if it makes it any better, we were already engaged when I found out I was pregnant. In fact, I still have wedding glasses that have July 2000 engraved on them (my anniversary is December 1999). Proof right there.

I live in Costa Mesa California on the border of Newport Beach. I live in an affluent area, but I am not. We are blessed to live here, but by no means am I an "Orange County Housewife". I get my hair trimmed every six months, I don't get pedicures and I get all my books and rent all my movies from the public library.
Here are some other facts:
  • I am terrified of the ocean
  • I still sleep with a "special blanket"
  • I drink too much Diet Coke
  • I go to bed by 10pm
  • I really need to work out or I am a grump
  • I rarely wear make-up

I wish I had some more pictures to share right now, but another fun fact is that I always forget to charge my camera. ALWAYS. So have no fear, I do have more photos of this week (and I did buy new items at the grocery store), but it will have to wait until tomorrow when my camera is charged.


  1. Great tidbits! I am such a cranky pants on my rest days. I thought I was the only one. :)

  2. No,it's not just you. Sunday's are my rest days and my poor husband has to deal with me all day.