Monday, May 24, 2010

Way too Indulgent

I had a very indulgent Saturday. I tend to make Saturdays my "cheat days" meaning I eat what I want. The problem is my "all or nothing" attitude. I have found that I start eating and can't stop. I am wondering if I am restricting too much during the week, but whatever the reason, it needs to stop. I think that I get the idea in my head that I won't get to eat like this for another week, so I should really live it up, the problem is that I usually get an upset stomach and I feel really guilty afterward. I then restrict my calories on Sunday and Monday to make up for my Saturday Binge. I know it is not good, and I will work on this.

My Saturday started out on the right track. I had my oatmeal and toast with Better N' PB combo for breakfast. I then headed to the gym for a CORE class. It is a 45min strength and cardio class, followed by 15min of abs. This one was a tough one and my arms are still sore.

When I got home from the gym I was starving so I had a piece of Whole Wheat Bread. My mom offered to take the kids to the zoo, so Jeff and I decided to try a restaurant near us.
It was so good. I wish I had a picture of the burrito I ate. Here is the description.
Texas Veggie Burrito- fire roasted zuchini, pico de gallo, cheese, lettuce, tomato, rice, vegeterian beans with avocado in a cilatro tortilla and salsa quemada.

It was a big burrito, but I ate it all. I also had some sweet corn cake and some chips and salsa.

After lunch Jeff and I decided to go down to Laguna Beach and enjoy the weather. It was so nice to be able to walk and talk without the kids and a stroller.

This is the view from our car. It was so pretty I made Jeff use his camera phone to take a picture. I love Laguna because of all the hills. Jeff and I walked probably close to two miles. Then I saw this place.

We decided to get drinks on the patio. I had a glass of wine and a really delicious dessert. It was chocolate mouse (almost like frosting) with strawberries in a chocolate covered crepe bowl. It was served with icecream and the most delicious shortbread cookie. I once again devoured it. At least I walked first, right?
We met my mom and the kids at church and then headed to Marie Callender's. At this point I have consumed more calories then I usually eat in three days.
I still ate tons of cornbread, a salad, some of Conner's macaroni and a piece of garlic bread.

How can you resist this deliciousness? (not my pic)

Then we got dessert (yes, I had two in one day, once again not my pic). If you have never had their chocolate muffin, you must try it. I devoured it with some of Conner's whip cream and icecream. By this time my stomach was aching.
I spent all day yesterday feeling guilty about what I ate on Saturday. I really need to remember this when next weekend rolls around. I can still splurge, but I need to not binge. I guess it is a learning process, but I don't want all of my good choices in the week to be ruined by one indulgent day.
I am going to try to use this as a learning experience. There is nothing I can do about it now but move on.

It's a new week and I am ready for it!

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I don't think I could resist those goodies either!