Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Drug Free and Proud

I have officially conquered one of my vices. No I am not a speed addict, although when I had a new baby a toddler and a kindergarten and was living off of two hours of sleep (a week, not a night) the thought did cross my mind. I have been taking the other drug of choice for moms, Tylenol PM. I started taking this when I was on Prozac for my OCD. I had trouble falling asleep and was told that this is safer and less addicting than prescription sleep medications. Wrong, I became addicted. I started taking it almost every night. It allowed me to fall into a deep sleep and wake without any drowsiness in the morning. Last night I realized the bottle was empty and decided to try without it. I did toss and turn for about 30min, but I managed to fall asleep and stay asleep. Yeah!! Now I am officially off all prescription and non-prescription pills-except the occasional Advil (or three) after a 3rd grade recorder performance.
Onto last night's dinner. You have seen it before. I had a sweet potato burrito and a huge salad with goat cheese and balsamic dressing.
My burrito had 4oz sweet potato (103cal) provolone (50cal) a La Tortilla low-carb tortilla (80cal). I dipped it in SF syrup (10cal). My husband thinks this is disgusting, but it tastes so good!

My salad had romaine, sprouts, cucumbers, mushrooms, red peppers, carrot, asparagus, tomatoes and 14g goat cheese (40cal). It was so fresh and yummy.

Dessert was a pudding bowl. Last night's had a serving a Puffins (90cal), No Sugar added Kozy Shack Tapiocca (70cal), No Sugar added Kozy Shack Chocolate (60cal), a small banana (~80cal) and Reddi Whip with cinnamon.

Today I woke up and had my oatmeal with a Van's waffle and greek yogurt. I was not feeling like working out, but I went to my strength class and I am glad I did. I feel better now and have more energy. I am going to go make a yogurt parfait for a snack and get ready for the rest of the week.
We have a Cub Scout graduation for Jake tonight. Tomorrow Jake has Donut's with Dad in the morning plus it's his birthday. Ryan has Donut's with Dad on Friday, then Jake has his Boomer's party with his friends that night. Saturday is his family party here and Sunday my dad is coming for Father's Day. Maybe that speed wouldn't be such a bad thing right now. At least I will be too exhausted to care if I have my Tylenol PM!


  1. Insomnia SUCKS. I suffered from it for several years. I used all those over the counter things and they worked for awhile and then stopped. When I started taking Celexa for a short while, the insomnia went away! It was such a nice relief. I was expecting the insomnia to return when I stopped the Celexa but it hasn't (yet...knock on wood).

  2. If it hasn't returned now, I am sure it is gone for good. Insomnia does suck because the harder you try to fall asleep, the harder it becomes.