Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday is flying

Meet my new favorite snack. This is so good and filling.

  • 1/2 Container of Fage 0%,85g (45cal, 1pt)
  • Fiber One Strawberry Yogurt (50cal, 0pt)
  • 1/3 Cup TJ's High Fiber Cereal (40cal, 0pt)
  • 15g Reddi Whip (15cal, 0pt)

The protein in the yogurt and the carbs in the cereal really satisfy my hunger. It is also high volume. I would much rather eat this than a little bar for 150cal.

So I decided to take today as a rest day. My last rest day was last Friday and I decided to start making Fridays my "official" rest day. I am still debating whether to take off two days a week. If so, probably Fridays and Sundays. I just feel really guilty about not working out. I think this is an issue I need to work on.

Conner and I did go for a nice walk to Mother's Market. I was already out of my Ezekiel Pita Pockets and I wanted to actually take my time and walk through the store today. I am glad I brought the stroller. I was originally planning on letting him walk-it is probably only 1/2 mile each way, but if i did that we would still be walking. I picked up a bunch of new items to try and a few of my old favorites. Good thing we took the stroller. We did a brisk, brisk pace on the way home. I drink copious amounts of water and diet coke- my rule is I have to drink at least 1 water bottle (33.8oz) per two diet cokes. Needless to say, I spend lots of time in the bathroom. Well my liquid consumption mixed with three pregnancies has led to very little bladder control. I am sure my neighbors were laughing as I sprinted down my driveway, leaving Conner and the stroller behind.

Conner is having a "smovie" right now- watching a movie while eating a smoothie, and then we are off to pick up Ryan. Have a great afternoon!

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