Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Food Recap

I hope you are all having a great Tuesday. I managed to go to my strength class, TJ's, Ralph's and the bank. So far very productive. I will post tonight with my food from today, but here is a recap of yesterday.

I had a good day of eats and exercise yesterday. I woke up and went to the gym for 5.5miles of speed work (alternated 1/2 miles at 7.0 with 1/2 miles at 8.4 on 1%). I was worried about my legs after Sunday's run, but the only thing that was sore was my sun burnt back. I then went to a Pilates class and left the gym sweaty and happy. My meals yesterday were great too. I'll start with dinner and work my way backwards.
I purchased this can at TJ's awhile back and just remembered it in the cupboard. I decided to add it to my bean and cheese quesadilla. It is fantastic. Look at all the big chilies and tomatoes. 1/2 cup is only 25cals too!

I used a Lo-Carb La Tortilla (80cal,1pt) and spread 64g Rosarita Vegetarian Re fried beans inside (60cal,1pt). I added a slice of Low Fat Provolone (50cal, 1pt) and my chilies and tomatoes.
I "cooked" it in the microwave for 50 seconds and it came out gooey and delicious.

I was starving yesterday (it always happens when I start adding longer runs) and made a giant salad to go with dinner.

Mixed greens, tomatoes, grilled asparagus, snap peas, yellow peppers, mushrooms, sprouts, cucumbers, carrots, 14g Blue Cheese (50cal,1pt) and 2tbsp Balsamic (20cal, 0pt).

Snack yesterday was a yogurt parfait. 113g Fage 0% (60cal,1pt), Fiber One Strawberry Yogurt (50cal, opt), 1/3 cup TJ's High Fiber Cereal (40cal,0pt) and 15g Reddi Whip (15cal,0pt).

Lunch was an Ezekiel Pita Pocket (100cal,1pt) with a TJ's Light String Cheese (60cal,1pt) and SF strawberry preserves on top (10cal,0pt).

Plus a bowl of brussel sprouts, broccoli and a Tsp of Annie's Horseradish Mustard (10cal).

Breakfast was my usual mix of oats. 36g of Rye (110cal,1pt) 20g Steel cut Oats (75cal,1pt) 1/4cup of Almond Milk (10cal,opt) cinnamon and 17g of SF strawberry jam (10cal).

Plus my new favorite. A Van's Light Waffle (70cal,1pt) with 113g Fage (60cal,1pt) and 17g SF strawberry preserves (10cal). This combo is so rich and creamy and the protein really keeps me full.

I actually had this same breakfast today so I will spare you another picture tonight. I hope you have a great rest of your day. I will see you in a few hours.

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