Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stevia, Strength and Shirataki

Happy Thursday everyone. Sorry I was not on Wednesday. Nothing special happened and I am pretty sure you have seen everything I ate yesterday before on the blog, so we will just skip it.

I did get my Shape Magazine in the mail yesterday and I was excited to read this article.

Trading your regular blueberry yogurt for a sugar-free version can shave off 60 calories-but researchers have long suspected you'd make up for the missing calories by eating more later. Now a new study from the University of Florida discredits that theory: People who ate a mid morning snack sweetened with aspartame or stevia didn't eat more at lunch or dinner than those who ate one containing sugar. "And despite consuming fewer calories over the course of the day, they reported feeling just as satisfied as those who ate more," says lead author Stephen D. Anton, Ph.D., an assistant professor at the university.

I have always heard that this is true, but this makes me feel much better about the sugar-free jelly I used on my Ezekiel Pita this morning. I made my usual bowl of oats (2pt) and had an Ezekiel Pita Pocket (100cal, 1pt) with a Laughing Cow Swiss (35cal, 1pt) and 17g jam (10cal, opt).

I took a noon Strength class at the gym today, so before I headed out I had half a Fage 0% yogurt (45cal, 1pt) mixed with a Fiber One Strawberry Yogurt (50cal, 0pt) and 1/3 cup High Fiber Cereal from TJ's (40cal,opt). I added some Fat Free Reddi Whip too! (the pic is at the top. I accidentalydeleted it from below and can't figure out how to add it to the spot I want again, if anyone can help, let me know!)

Lunch contained my new noodles I bought at Mother's Market yesterday.

They are like the shirataki noodles. Only 20cal (opt) for half a package and low carb. They do have a funky smell so after I washed them I soaked them in 2tbsp Balsamic.

I topped a giant salad with Romaine, mixed greens, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes and 14g goat cheese (40cal, 1pt) with my noodles.

They were so-so. Not my favorite. I think it was because they weren't very dense, but I guess for 20cal, they work.
I am off to read to Ryan. Her homework this week was to read and write down all the books. She is supposed to turn in the list Friday. I have LOTS of reading to do tonight. We need to catch up from the nights we decided to watch movies instead (or I just didn't want to read The Little Engine that Could one more time). Have a great night!

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