Thursday, June 10, 2010

Skinny and Rich

I saw this link that Angela from Oh She Glows posted on her health roundup yesterday.

It is an interesting article regarding pricey stores and skinny shoppers. It specifically discusses Whole Foods.

It is really funny because my mom and I were talking about this very subject the other day.
As you know, I have three kids and a husband to feed. I do not work and because of the economy money is extremely tight, as in sometimes I decide what bills to pay and what are going to have to wait until next paycheck (hence the fact that I was really bummed when I broke my camera yesterday).

As ashamed as I am to say it, I often feed Jeff and the kids food that I myself would not eat. An example would be Del Taco. If we are in a hurry or I don't feel like dirtying the kitchen we can get the Fiesta Pack for around $8.00 and that will feed all four of them. If I am in a hurry I will have an Amy's Organic Brown Rice and Tofu bowl for $5.00. $8.00 to feed four (with much more food) compared to $5.00 for one.

I also shop at different stores for them as opposed to myself. I love Whole Foods and Mother's. I will buy myself the Van's waffles, yet I will go to Ralphs and buy their store brand waffles for the kids because I get more and they are two dollars cheaper.

It saddens me that it is more expensive to eat organic food with healthier ingredients. I am not saying that it is impossible, but if you are financially strapped you look for foods that are cheap and filling which unfortunately are usually heavily processed and high in calories and fat.

I do find ways to feed my family healthy foods. We are fortunate to have a local produce store where I stock up on fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables. I just think it is sad that many people don't have that option and that is why we see such a high rate of juvenile diabetes, obesity and physical problems no child should have to deal with. Even participating in organized sports cost money. I just signed my boys up for AYSO soccer and it is $100 per child. We are blessed to have Grandmas that pay for the kids extra activities, but if you have three children and are struggling, would you be able to fork out $300 for them to play a season of soccer. Don't even get me started on what dance lessons cost!

I really don't know what to do about this issue. Do we as a society need to put more pressure on stores to carry healthier, more wholesome food that is affordable? Do we try to educate about health and well-being? I have no problem with feeding my family the occasional Del Taco or $5 pizza from Little Ceasars, but when that is the staple of many children's diets, something has to be done.


  1. If you've seen Food Inc., you'll remember the overweight Latino family who couldn't afford the pears their daughter was begging for, but could afford fast food, chips and soda. It is a crisis in this country, and until greater numbers of Americans start demanding fresh, organic foods in mass quantities, nothing will change!

    Mama Pea

  2. Yeah its such an uphill battle. We have to spend more on organic/healthy foods, and the more people that get on board with it, the cheaper these foods will become. It's so tough though because when money is tight, like it is for many these days, cheap and unhealthy foods are so tempting.