Sunday, April 18, 2010

What to choose, what to choose?

Today's Pet Expo was great! My kids spent the day trying to decide what kind of pet they want. Jake was testing out the "forget dogs, maybe we should get a sloth" idea...

(seriously, cutest pictures ever)

Ryan thought a pony would be fun...

Conner nixed the pony idea and went straight for the horse... (the kid's mentality is go big or go home)

except for maybe this little goat...

Ryan wanted a dog that is way fancier than her mommy... (doesn't take much there)

and Conner found the dog of his dreams... ( I told you, go big or go home)

They all could agree on Dippin' Dots for a snack. I couldn't quite decide so I went with my packed snack of mixed veggies and a cutie (sans the Ranch, I just don't like it).

Instead of using their college tuition to buy lunch there, we decided to go to Del Taco. I ended up making my own burrito at home.
  • La Tortilla Whole Wheat Tortilla (100cal, 1pt)
  • Gardenburger Black Bean Chipotle Burger (100cal, 1pt)
  • Light Provolone (60cal, 1pt)
  • Sprouts and lettuce
    Forgive the half-eaten burrito picture. I was starving and ate half before I took a picture. Yes, I am still wearing my husband's jacket and those are my dry "man hands". I told you I am not a glamorous girl.

    Sorry about the lack of food pictures and meals, but I will be better tomorrow. I did get some new Scottish Style Porridge Oats to try, so I will let you know how they are in the morning. Off to go try and choose what pet I want. I am thinking a goldfish is sounding better and better.


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