Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fancy dinner

So, I must confess. I do eat off of paper plates. Not always, but often. I have three kids and a husband who eat meat, I do not. Therefore I make a separate meal for them and eat later in the evening. By this point in time I am too tired to do more dishes, so unfortunately this leads to paper plates. Tonight's dinner features my famous "platter of salad" and a portabello, egg sandwich. I always have a "platter of salad" with my dinner. People often ask if I eat a lot and the answer is yes, all the time. I just eat the right foods. Since I did WW I still like to count points and I measure out everything. Is this obsessive, maybe. Do I have OCD, definitely. This counting and measuring lets me transfer some of that obsessiveness into something good (at least that is what I like to think). So you will always see how much of something I eat thanks to my trusty and well loved food scale. You will also see the points listed for each meal. Here goes.

My lovely "platter of salad" or POS-ok, maybe not the best acronym consisted of mixed greens, cooked broccoli, cooked asparagus, sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms and carrots. (all Opt ww foods). I topped it with 14grams of goat cheese (1pt, 40cals) and Whole Foods brand Balsamic (20cal, opt).

Alongside of my salad on the fancy china is my portabello egg sandwich. I need to admit something here. I like the microwave, a lot. I tend to "cook" most of my meals here, and that is once again fine with me. Judge me if you like, but after preparing dinner, bathing and playing referee to three children a 3min microwave meal sounds just fine. Tonight I sprayed a little non-stick spray in a bowl. I layered a portabello cap with 1/2 cup of egg substitute (60cal, 1pt) spinach and salt and pepper. I cooked it for 3 min and put it on a piece of whole wheat toast (90cal, 1pt) layered with laughing cow light Swiss (35cal, 1pt). Threw some tomatoes on top for color and have a delicious meal. There you have it. A typical dinner for me, served on my good china.

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