Monday, April 12, 2010

Before and After

I guess I should share a quick rundown of my weight loss story. I knew I had put on weight, but I never knew how much until I finally stepped on a scale at a friends house. It was shocking to see the number. I was almost the same weight as my husband. Not cool. Here is a "before" picture of me last January 2009 in Cabo San Lucas. I had no idea how much weight I had gained until I saw this photo. I don't have many "before" pictures due to the fact that I did not want to be in any photos. This was at my friends wedding. Not the slimmest bridesmaid.
This is after my weight loss. My husband took this picture of me posing with my Long Beach Half Marathon medal. I know I am make-up less and my hair is back, but to be honest, this is how I usually look. No frills here.

I lost the weight by eating healthy foods, watching portions (where WW comes into play) and exercising. I am a firm believer that food plays the biggest role in things. You can work out all day, but if your diet doesn't change, your butt won't either.

One of the delicious meals that I eat now. My favorite sweet potato burrito!

Here are the stats:
-La Tortilla Whole Wheat Tortilla (100cal, 1pt)
-4oz of sweet potato (103cal, 1pt)
-Light Provolone (60cal, 1pt)
I could eat this meal every day-OK I usually do.

Just got home from a LIFT class at the gym. I'm off to make dinner (probably a bean burrito, with my "platter of salad") and head to bead. Conner is already passed out on the floor which means an early wake-up call in the morning. Good night.

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  1. Great pictures! It's funny how we can't see it until we look at some photos...that happened to me.