Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweet Potato Polenta

I had such a great dinner tonight. I decided to use the polenta that I had in the fridge. I also had part of the sweet potato from last night so I decided to incorporate the two. Introducing Sweet Potato and Egg Polenta.I started off with one serving of polenta (70cal, 1pt) and smashed 4oz of sweet potato (103cal, 1pt).

Next I added 1/2 cup of my liquid eggs from Trader Joe's (60cal, 1pt).
I put a wedge of Laughing Cow Swiss (35cal, 1pt) and microwaved it for 4min.

The finished product was SO good. All the different flavors were great. I enjoyed a big salad (same as last night) and a piece of whole wheat toast (90cal, 1pt) with I Can't Believe it's Not Butter Spray.

I am now trying to decide which one of these beauties I am having for dessert. There will be a vitamuffin and probably a banana on top too.
Going to watch The Hangover with my husband. G'night!


  1. LOVE the Hangover! Such a fantastic movie.

  2. Wow that looks really good!! Eggs + Sweet Potatoes + Polenta are some of my favorite foods. I have some polenta at home and I'm thinking of doing poached eggs over it. yum!