Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ragnar Relay

I forgot to mention that I am running my first relay race this weekend. I am doing the Ragnar Relay. I will be leaving tomorrow night for Ventura County and then finishing Saturday in Dana Point. I have never done a relay race, but have always wanted to. Here is a description of the race from the site.

It's really quite simple. Get a bunch of friends together (or we can help you find team members who'll quickly become your friends) and start running. Okay, there's a little more to it. Your relay team will consist of 12 members. During the relay, each team member runs three legs, each leg ranging between 3 - 8 miles and varying in difficulty. So, from the elite runner down to the novice jogger, it's the perfect relay race for anyone.
Each team is responsible for providing two support vehicles, with six runners in each vehicle. The first vehicle will drop off the first runner, drive ahead a few miles, cheer the runner on, and provide them with water, snacks, and plenty of love. That vehicle will then drive ahead to the first exchange point to drop off the second runner, and pick up the first runner when that leg is complete. They will repeat this pattern for six legs until they hand off to their second vehicle. This leapfrogging pattern will continue all the way to the finish line.

I only know one of my team members, but I figure there is no better way to get to know people than spend a sweaty 24hr in a van with them. Here is a map of the course.

I am doing three legs totalling 15miles. I had originally signed up to to a leg that had 18 miles, but it had two very hard runs in it and since I am still coming off of a possible stress fracture, I didn't want to push it. I ended up signing up for leg 4.

  • 7.7 miles hard
  • 3.8 miles easy
  • 3.5 miles easy
  • total 15miles

After dropping Conner off at school today I headed to the gym. I sat in the parking lot for 5min debating whether or not I should go home. I did not sleep well last night and I feel like I am getting sick. My body is sore and tired and it feels like I should give it a rest, especially before the race. The problem is that now I feel guilty. I am still debating whether I should go back when Jeff gets home and do some time on the treadmill. I wish that I didn't feel so guilty when I decide to take a rest day.

Do you feel guilty when you take an unscheduled rest day?

See you this evening.

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  1. GOOD LUCK! I can't wait to hear about your race. I will definitely need tips for my turn. :)